It was more the fact that I existed, if you know what I mean

"I should one day like to show in my work what such an eccentric - such a nobody - has in his heart."

Mainly Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, Community, Doctor Who, Starkid, MCU, old British comedy, and mermaids. For more see the links behind the picture.

A Slytherin, with Ravenclaw tendencies. I spam a lot of Vincent van Gogh.

A Faint Taste of Bitter Almonds
conium maculatum

If you don’t think I have awesome friends-well-people-I-sit-with-at-lunch-okay-they’re-my-friends-are-they-my-friends-that-would-be-nice-am-I-their-friend-I-have-abandonment-issues-ANYWAY

teammates, then you’re wrong.

Basically we’ve nicknamed each other after Avengers characters. In the bottom picture left to right is Bec as Steve, Arlan as Thor (why he is kneeling I have no idea), Maddy as Coulson, Josephine as Fury, Chris as Loki, and me as fem!Loki because if there aren’t Loki duplicates you’re doing it wrong, and then front row Kaity as Clint and Pia as Natasha.

We also have Maryann as Tony and Abby as Pepper, but they couldn’t make it. I filled in as backup Tony in the top picture.

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